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Four Pillars Bulletin No 41 - Use Your Vote

Four Pillars Bulletin No 40 - Pension Forms Explained

Four Pillars Bulletin No 39 - N Ireland Unit Reps Briefing Postponed

Four Pillars North West and North Wales Forum Report

Bulletin No 38 - Four Pillars and Pay Agreement Tour

Bulletin No 37 - Four Pillars and Pay Agreement Tour

Regional Young Workers Officer Reports On National Pensions And Pay Briefing

National Four Pillars & Pay Agreement Briefing

Unit Representative Briefings - Pay and Four Pillars Agreement

Pensions Video Presentation by Hilary Salt, Actuary

Bulletin No 36 - Delivering Security In Retirement For All

Bulletin No 35 - Delivering For Members

National Briefing Pay and Four Pillars Agreement

Joint Statement CWU/Royal Mail On Four Pillars Agreement

Negotiators agreement reached. This will now be put to the Postal Executive on 30/31 January 2018. If agreed there, it will go out to a full vote to all CWU members in the Royal Mail Group. Thank you for all of your incredible support.

Statement from Terry Pullinger 26th January 2018

Bulletin No 34 - Agreement Reached

Bulletin No 33 - Finalising A Deal

Terry Pullinger Update 12th January 2018  

Bulletin No 32 - refers only to the video above

Bulletin No 31 - Negotiations Continue

Bulletin No 30 - Securing A Settlement

Bulletin No 29 - Providing Security And Defending A Vital Service

Bulletin No 28 - Clear Progress But No Deal Yet

Latest update from Terry Pullinger 5th December 2017

Bulletin No 27 - Publication of Mediator's Report

Bulletin No 26 - Unity is Strength

Bulletin No 25 - Talks Continue

CWU Workers Create Increased Profits For Royal Mail
Now Ask Them To Keep Their Promises

Bulletin No 24 - Keeping Up The Pressure

Latest Update on the campaign from Terry Pullinger  

Bulletin No 23 - 89.1% and proud

Bulletin No 22 - Royal Mail’s Court Order Was A Cynical Manoeuvre

News item - Video Update 26th October 2017

News item - Four Pillars Update - External Mediation

Bulletin No 21 - Royal Mail Must Listen To CWU Members

Bulletin No 20 - No Justice, No Peace

News item - Pay 2017 And Pillars Of Security - Facts!

News item - Royal Mail Group Dispute – High Court Judgement And National Briefing

News item - High Court Supports Royal Mail Against Worker's Rights!

News item - Royal Mail Takes CWU To Court Rather Than Settle Dispute

LTB539/17 - Royal Mail Group Legal Challenges (Word format download)

Bulletin No 19 - National Strike Action Declared

Bulletin No 18 - Get The Vote Out – It’s Time To Choose Sides

Bulletin No 17 - Vote Yes For Decent Pensions For All

News item - CWU North West Region take the Four Pillars fight to The Tories!

News item - Massive Yes Vote In Four Pillars Strike Ballot Declares CWU

News item - Be A CWU Hero Just For One Day! - Wednesday 20th Sept!

News item - Hypocrisy Of Royal Mail As Moya Green's Pay and Perks Increases By A Quarter

Pic: CWU members outside the High Court

News item - Four Pillars Of Security And CWU Pay Claim 2017 - The Latest

Bulletin No 16 - It’s Time To Pick Sides

Special Bulletin - Terry Pullinger, DGS Postal

News item - National Gate Meeting Day Announced By CWU

Bulletin No 15 - It’s Time To Choose Sides - It’s Time To Vote Yes

News item - Four Pillars Campaign – Industrial Action Ballot LTB In Full

News item - CWU To Stage National Industrial Action Ballot Of Over 100,000 Members

Bulletin No 14 - Making A Difference

Video Message - 70,000 signature petition

Bulletin No 13 - Fighting For Your Future

Bulletin No 12 - Ballot Timetable Announced

Video Message - Deadline of 6th September

Bulletin No 11 - Time For Royal Mail To Listen To The CWU

Bulletin No 10 - Talks Update

Bulletin No 9 - Legacy Payments, Anoth Broken Promise

Bulletin No 8 - Securing A Settlement

Bulletin No 7 - A Pension Solution For All

Bulletin No 6 - Disrespected, Patronised And Undervalued

Bulletin No 5 - Four Pillars And Parcelforce – Another Management Myth Exposed

Video Message - To Parcelforece members

Bulletin No 4 - Royal Mail Management

Bulletins No 3 - Unit Reps Tour

Bulletin No 2 - Royal Mail's Broken Promises

Bulletin No 1 - Campaign details and arguments

LTB28/17 - Intro and background to Four Pillars of Security

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