Conference Condemns Racist Tory Government

In an emotional debate took place Sunday morning at CWU Annual Conference in Bournemouth when Emergency Motion 2 regarding the Windrush scandal of the Tory Government deporting people who have lived in this country legally ever since the 1950s was debated.

Thousands of men and women, some with children arrived in this country on HMS Windrush after being invited by the British government of the day to come to this country to help rebuild it after the second world war.

Ironically, the ship used was donated by Germany and had been used during the war to deport German Jews.

Tony Kearns Deputy General Secretary followed previous speakers and labeled this government as a racist government and committed the full resources of the CWU's legal dept in defending and fighting for the rights of Windrush victims within CWU Branches.

Here, you can watch the debate of the motion which was carried unanimously:

Emergency Motion 2

Following the apology made by the Home Secretary and The Prime Minister on 17th April 2018, conference notes the disgusting developments concerning the children of Windrush and strongly condemns this government for these racist policies.

This conference calls upon the NEC to ensure that this issue is not allowed to fall off the radar.

Conference further requests that we lobby the government to seek clarification on exact numbers of

  • Caribbean mend and women that have been deported
  • Caribbean men and women who have been refused NHS treatment and
  • How the government will address the detriment they have faced

Greater Manchester Branch
South London, Surrey & North Hampshire


You can watch all the debates on the motions of Sunday Morning here


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