Further Meeting Held With The Post Office At ACAS

Yesterday, 4th January, our negotiating team met with the Post Office once again at a meeting facilitated by ACAS.

Pic: Andy FuryAndy Furey, Assistant Secretary reports that progress was made and the talks have been both constructive and pragmatic; however there is still quite a way to go before we can be in a position to recommend a workable agreement to the Postal Executive.

Our main objective is to ensure we establish a revised Representative structure that
will afford our members with fair and reasonable access to decent representation as
and when required.

During yesterday’s meeting a revised offer was made by the Post Office for 6 full
- time Representatives (inclusive of Lynn Simpson and Mole Meade Postal Executive
members). Naturally this offer was rejected as just 4 roles for Representatives
covering the entire country would be logistically impossible to fulfil whilst also being
impractical from a workload perspective.

With further dialogue we would hope to conclude an agreement.
Consequently we have agreed to schedule the next meeting at ACAS for 9th February; the intervening time will afford both parties time for reflection. It should be noted however that to reach agreement our negotiating team requires an improved offer from the Post Office.

In order to ensure the appropriate environment for talks to continue it was
also agreed yesterday to extend the moratorium in respect of the IR Representatives
retaining their full - time status, roles and responsibilities until Monday 19th February.

In conclusion I would like to place on record my thanks to all IR Representatives who
continue to provide first class representation to our members whilst operating under
difficult circumstances due to the ongoing uncertainty. I appreciate their support and
patience during these difficult negotiations. I am also grateful to Dave Prince and
Marina Glasgow at ACAS for their expertise in facilitation which has led to an
environment that is conducive to making progress.

Further developments will be reported as appropriate.

Source: CWU LTB005/18

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