CWU North West Region Conference 2018

Motions to Regional Committee AGM 2018

The following motions were submitted and agreed by the Regional Conference delegates:

North West Motions Submitted To General Conference

Motion One

Conference condemns the government's misnamed "Universal Credit" scheme as an extension of the past Tory/LibDem and current Tory policies crafted to shift to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, the burden of the bank-driven World debt crisis of 2008.

Universal credit will, for people in or out of work, conflate or replace most of the discrete benefits to which they are now entitled. The LGA shows an expectation of average weekly income cuts of £11.18 from the change to Universal credit but with potentially devastating immediate income gaps of several weeks for the very neediest. These benefits can include those for housing, child care, disability, limited capability for work, caring, etc.

Conference is concerned that the government's arrangements are too incompetently orchestrated to avoid serve financial distress amongst the Country's most vulnerable and neediest individuals, families and children.

Conference instructs the NEC to campaign strongly for the government to listen to the people, listen to even some members of Parliamentary Conservative Party who see their votes slipping away, and abandon its Universal Credit proposals.

Mersey Branch

Motion Two

This Conference believes that the CWU redesign project is in the long term interest of maintaining a standalone Trade Union in the Communications Industry.

We believe to aid progress on this important issue that before the final document is drafted the terms should be put to specific meetings/forums before the Special/Rules Conference. This will allow Branches to have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss matters to ensure the widest possible consultation amongst CWU activists. Outputs from this consultation should be shared, with all views and questionnaires, if distributed by HQ to be published and available to Branches on line.

This consultation process should take place before 31st July 2018.

The NEC is instructed accordingly.

Greater Manchester Branch

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