NW Retired Members Council

Secretary's Introduction

Graham WilsonThe North West has a very active Retired members section, which meets four times a year, usually in Manchester.

The Council campaigns on issues that most affect pensioners. 

Prime amongst these are a substantial increase in the Basic State Pension, Social Care and the National Health Service, disability issues, free nationwide travel on all forms of public transport and Post Office closures. We are affiliated to the National Pensioners’ Convention and support and promote their campaigns, aims and objectives.

Many branches have Retired Members’ sections and send representatives to the Regional Council. The council also organises a retired members forum for all North West CWU Retired Members, this normally takes place in October or November.

For information about the NW Retired Members Council please contact the Regional Retired Secretary Graham Wilson on 01524 732845 or by email

CWU Retired Members Advisory Committee:

The North West is represented nationally by Allan Trotter on the Retired Members Advisory Committee (RMAC) and is affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention

The RMAC is represented at the NPC and at the TUC Pensions Committee. So you can see the North West is well placed to get our collective voice heard.

There are currently almost 18,000 retired members nationally each benefiting from:-

    * 1 Advice on Pensions and Benefits.

    * 2 Free advice and representation (where applicable) for you and your partner from our own legal service, Unionline.

    * 3 Continued access to discounted goods and services. Regular information from your branch.

    * 4 Receive a copy of ‘The Voice’ and ‘The Link’ (specially for Retired Members).

    * 5 Your next of kin is entitled to receive the CWU Death Benefit. The Grant currently stands at £771.

    * 6 Belong to an organisation campaigning for Pensioners.

    * 7 All this for a reduced membership fee of £5.84 per month.

If you are retiring soon you can retain your CWU membership at this reduced subscription rate. Contact your local Branch Secretary for details, the phone number is on your CWU membership card.

Please email me at g.twilson@btinternet.com with any suggestions or comments.

Best regards
Graham Wilson
Retired Members Regional Secretary


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