Domestic violence booklet picBelow is a local north west regional guide for branch officers and reps and is in addition to the ‘dealing with domestic abuse for cwu members ‘loves me – loves me not’ leaflet Ratified by the north west regional women’s committee.

Don’t expect a woman or a man to come knocking on your door with ‘I am a victim of domestic abuse - please help me’

You need to be aware and also make management aware that when dealing with disciplines or personal cases that there may be an underlying problem ie.
 poor attendance, poor performance, awol. Etc.

We must reiterate that as reps we are not counsellors and we should encourage the member to consult the professionals.

Above all when someone finds themselves in this situation - giving proper and practical advice lets them know that

****** YOU ARE NOT ALONE ******

Local Links and Contacts: A-Z of national women’s refuge’s that can be broken down into the North West. 24 hour free hotline 08082000247 staffed 24 hours 01772201601 works in conjunction with women’s aid

Muslim women’s helpline 0208 904 8193

Rape Crisis Centre 0115 941 0440  UK wide confidential service for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people experiencing domestic abuse Advice and support for men in abusive relationships ie. BT - help and support, special leave, sick leave, flexible working.

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