We remind all members that if you move address then you should let your local Branch know asap. Your employer does not give the Union the details, so the first time we sometimes find out is when the Post Office return mail. This means for instance that you will not receive a ballot paper for the national elections, a ballot paper for the annual pay deal, or a copy of the national CWU magazine; or indeed anything to do with the Union, your membership, your rights at work and relevant information and news.

Similarly if you change name for any reason, e.g. on getting married, or change to a new employer - your Branch needs to know.

So remember when you tell friends, relatives, your employer, the gas company etc, make sure you also tell your Union Branch.

Email your changes to your Branch

Death Benefit Nominations

To loose a loved one is one of the hardest things we will ever face, both emotionally and financially. The CWU aim to help our members as much as we can over such a difficult period and to help with the financial burden, we pay a Death Benefit of £771 to whomever you nominate to receive it. The nomination is usually done when first joining the Union.

However we can only make the payment to the last person you nominated, so if your personal circumstances change but you do not tell us, it can cause problems and delays in paying it out. If you therefore wish to change your nomination, or just check whom you have nominated, give your Branch Office a call or pop in to see them.

Contact your Branch

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